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This information is taken from the foreword in the Advanced D & D Players Handbook written by Mike Carr as TSR Games & Rules Editor June 2, 1978

ADVANCED DUNGEON & DRAGONS is a game that is demanding for both players and Dungeon Masters alike, but the rewards in terms of enjoyment are vast. There is nothing quite like a successful D&D campaign, and its success is based upon the efforts of all participants. The Dungeon Master is pivotal, of course, but the players are just as important, for they are the primary actors and actresses in the fascinating drama which unfolds before them. For that reason, their outlook and their conduct will greatly affect the flavor and tempo of the campaign. Accordingly, they should do their best to further the success of the entire undertaking. This is often no more than a matter of simple etiquette, and following a few simple guidelines will suffice to make the game experience more fun for everyone concerned, to wit:

1) Be organized as a player; have the necessary information on your character readily at hand and available to the Dungeon Master.

2) Cooperate with the Dungeon Master and respect his/her decisions; if you disagree, present your viewpoint with deference to his/her position as game moderator. Be prepared to accept his/her decision as final and remember that not everything in the game will always go your way!

3) Cooperate with the other players and respect their right to participate. Encourage new and novice players by making suggestions and allowing them to make decisions on courses of action rather than dictating their responses.

4) If you are unable to participate in an adventure, give the other players and the DM some concrete guidelines if your character is going to be included in the adventuring group; be prepared to accept the consequences, good or bad, in any case.

5) Get in the spirit of the game, and use your persona to play with a special personality all its own. Interact with the other player characters and non-player characters to give the game campaign a unique flavor and "life". Above all, let yourself go, and enjoy!

Enough of the preliminaries --- let's get on with the game! Let's see now, where did I stash away all those material components? . . .

Mike Carr

TSR Games & Rules Editor (Used without permission)

When I am done with it there will be a comprehensive spell book on here listing all the spells from all the classes as well as meanings of each form the books they come out of. Sam_Death (talk) Sam Death 15:04, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

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